Peter Thorpe - Chairman and Deputy CFI Auckland ASC Gliding

Peter is a retired RNZAF engineer officer and pilot.

Some of the interesting stats are:

First glider lesson 31 August 1960 in Sedburgh T21 at RAF Halton in the UK. First solo on 9 November 1960 after 22 flights and 1 hr 48 mins all on winch, never above 1000ft agl.
Next glider flight 28 March 1979 at Woodbourne in Ka7 & has flown more or less continuously to present time. Total gliding hours now 1032 and 3,265 flights. Silver Badge. Longest flight 7hr 24 mins and 304km for Gold distance. Survived 32 outlandings during competition flying. B cat instructor and instructor trainer, 606 hrs instructing. OO #92/210
Types flown: T21, Ka7, Sagitta, Open Cirrus, Schweizer 2-33A, Blanik, Ka13, Std Astir III, Rhonlerche, Slingsby Eagle T42, Motor Falke, T53B, LS-3, Puchateck, Puchacz, Skylark 4, Ka6, Janus C, PW5, Twin Astir, Duo Discus, Discus cs, PW-6, LS-4, Russia AC5-M, Libelle, Mosquito.

Power flying – RNZAF 1969-72 - Harvard, Devon – 430 hrs.
PPL 1990 – PA 38, PA 18, PA 28, C177B, Airtourer 150, C182, PA 32-260, C172
Total hours 982. Tow pilot, total tows 1920. Tow pilot instructor.

CFI 1994-2001, and again 2006 to 2014.

GNZ Executive Committee 1995 to 2006.
President GNZ 1996-2001
Awarded the FAI Paul Tissandier Diploma for services to gliding in 2006.