Tow Pilots
Graham Lake - Tugmaster

Graham, an ex RNZAF engineer, has been flying since 1996.   He started towing gliders and learning to glide in 2004 gaining his QGP in 2006.   Together with Ivor Woodfield and Terry Dagnin he is the proud part owner of Glasflugel Libelle 201B ZK GIV.  Graham became tugmaster in 2009.

Peter Thorpe

Peter is a retired RNZAF engineer officer and pilot.
Power flying – RNZAF 1969-72 - Harvard, Devon – 430 hrs.
PPL 1990 – PA 38, PA 18, PA 28, C177B, Airtourer 150, C182, PA 32-260, C172
Total hours 982. Tow pilot, total tows 1920. Tow pilot instructor.
CFI 1994-2001, and again 2006 to present.

Craig Rook

I have had a very keen interest in aviation since I was about 10 when my father took me for a scenic flight.  Twenty years later in 1997 I started to learn to fly and gained my PPL in 1998.  Various club trips took us as far south as Stewart Island, higher than Mt Cook and as far north as Norfolk Island.  In 2004 I joined the gliding club as a tow pilot and now have over 1000 tows.

Rex Carswell

Rex commenced pilot training with the Rotorua Aero Club in 1973, and obtained his Private License the following year.  A passion for flying aerobatics saw success at national competition level.
A Tow Pilot Rating was gained with the Taupo Gliding Club in 1978.  He has continued as a glider pilot, and tow pilot, with the Auckland ASC since 1985.
Rex owns an Isaacs Fury II - a scale replica of the 1930's Hawker Fury bi-plane - which he has demonstrated at many airshows over the years.


Ruan Heynike
Ruan is currently serving in the RNZAF as an aircrew sensor operator on the P3K2 Orion. He gained his PPL in 2014 through the ASC power section and is working towards a CPL. A keen new aviator who quickly gained the hours required and subsequently became a tow pilot at the glider section in 2015.


Jamie Wagner

Jamie is an Aircraft Technician in the RNZAF since 2000 currently employed primarily on the P-3 Orion. He commenced flying lessons at the Aviation Sports Club in 2009 and attained his PPL in 2010 and CPL in 2013. He also has a Multi Engine Instrument Rating. He has been a Gliding Section Tow Pilot since 2013.

Jamie Wagner