Aero-tow Launch Cost
1000 Feet - $30.00
1500 Feet - $45.00
2000 Feet - $60.00
2500 Feet - $75.00
3000 Feet - $90.00
3500 Feet - $105.00

A standard Training Flight is 2000 feet, however this may vary depending on training requirements


Your first flight is towed to 2500ft and a glide from there with one of our instructors. You will get the chance to fly if you wish.
You will get a temporary log book and you can come back and fly a further three times at Club rates.

Contact the Duty Pilot on 022 357 6731 for more information.

Glider Cost

$1.00 per minute

Under 18 full time students don't pay Club fees or glider time.


Payment Options

The Aviation Sports Club is a strictly non profit orgranisation. We attempt to keep our charges as low as possible.
Accordingly we do not have EFT POS or Credit facilities at the Airfield. Trial Flights must be paid either in CASH on the day or by pre-arranged electronic payment into our bank account.

Bank Acct : 38-9014-0625483-00